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Alden Gulch
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Status: Closed
Difficulty: Advanced
Uses: Mt Biking & Hiking & Equestrian
Length: 2.85 miles
Start: 6,981'
End: 8,759'
Min: 6,981'
Max: 8,759'
Trailhead Forecast
Description / Access Information
Alden Gulch #144: When open, this trail provides a very direct connection between Baker Creek Road and the Osberg Ridgeline Trail. It was burned in the 2013 Beaver Creek Fire, and subsequent storm events have damaged the trail further. This steep, very demanding route will need a major reconstruction before it is reopened.

Alden Gulch does not see a lot of traffic. On a 1915 map of the Sawtooth National Forest, the trail is shown linking over Warm Springs Ridge down Thompson Creek, and is highlighted as an “Area of Scenic Interest.”  The thickly wooded, north-facing drainage offers a cool hike in the heat of mid-summer.  It provides access to the Osberg Ridgeline Trail #147 and makes a demanding mountain bike loop possible utilizing Baker Creek Road and the East Fork of the Baker Creek Road.  

Directions: Drive north on Highway 75 to Baker Creek Road (15.4 mi). Turn left and follow the main dirt road to campsite #30, a nondescript pull-out on the right that can accommodate long trailers (3.2 mi). The trail starts in the woods on the opposite side of the road.

*For more detailed descriptions, topo maps, and information on the history, geology, and wildflowers of the Wood River Valley pick up a copy of Exploring Sun Valley online or find it at one of several local shops.

Alden Gulch
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