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BCRD Pump Track - Hailey, Idaho
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Status: Closed
Difficulty: Intermediate
Use: Mt Biking
Length: 0.13 miles
Start: 5,343'
End: 5,342'
Min: 5,339'
Max: 5,344'
Gain: 15'
Loss: -17'
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Trailhead Forecast
Current Conditions
Temperature at 12:00PM (Feb 17th): 33.4° F
Min temperature in last 24-hours: 13.8° F
Max temperature in last 24-hours: 33.8° F
New Snow last 12 hours: 0". New Snow last 24 hours: 0".
Description / Access Information
Pump Tracks are one of the hottest amenities in recreation and the new BCRD track in Hailey, Idaho next to the BCRD Aquatic Center and near the Community Campus will add more active fun for the community.  The track is a great place to work on biking skills, get a workout, andenjoy a wonderful view! Come visit the tracks with the family, have a bite to eat during summer at the outdoor snack bar facing the track, or enjoy the BCRD Aquatic Center and two new BCRD sand volleyball courts next door!  

The BCRD Pump Track was made possible by a huge host of volunteers and sponsors including Scott USA which is headquartered in the Sun Valley area.  The track consists of two tracks both designed and installed by Alpine Bike Parks with the project led by Randy Spangler who has designed much of the flow trails coming online in the valley.  The smaller is designed for initial skill building and a younger audience of riders.  The larger tracks has larger features and is intended for more seasoned riders.

A full list of Pump Track rules is highlighted at the park's entrance so please enjoy the Track but adhere to these important rules for usage.

What is a Pump Track?

  • Dirt track with rollers and berms
  • Ride with or without pedaling by “pumping” for momentum with track contours
  • Mountain or BMX bike usage
  • Ideal for building bike handling skills
  • Built in its environment utilizing organic materials and existing land
  • No user fee required
Benefits of a Pump Track

  • Healthy, physical activity
  • Great, low risk environment for cyclists of all ages and skill levels
  • Healthy gathering area for community integrated into The BCRD Aquatic Center land and environment
  • Affordable and accessible location near families but also BCRD Aquatic Center and Community Campus
  • Educational signage and information planned for biking activities up and down the valley
  • Close to public biking trails like Hailey city paths and the BCRD Wood River Trail
  • A community effort: supported by donors, Wood River Bicycle Coalition, Smith, Scott USA
  • Sustainable:  little environmental impact, builds physical health, and easily maintained and supported by the BCRD
Hailey Pump Track
Pump track in Hailey
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