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Cow Creek Connector Trail #153
Details (7/20/2024)
Status: Open
Difficulty: Advanced
Uses: Mt Biking & Hiking & Equestrian & Motorcycle & eBikes
Length: 4.2 miles
Start: 5,903'
End: 6,722'
Min: 5,903'
Max: 7,010'
Gain: 1,410'
Loss: -591'
Elevation Profile
// track pieces: 447, // elevation pieces: 447
Trailhead Forecast (7/20/2024)
Description / Access Information
Cow Creek Connector Trail #153: The trail passes through a wide variety of terrain from dense forest to open grass and flower-covered slopes.

The Greenhorn Gulch drainage, which includes Cow Creek, Lodgepole Gulch, Mahoney Gulch, Greenhorn Creek, and Imperial Gulch has the highest concentration of multi-use trails in the valley.  Much of the drainage has been heavily impacted by recent fires, including the 2007 Castle Rock Fire, and the more recent Beaver Creek Fire.

The interconnected nature of the Greenhorn trails allows for a wide variety of loops.  All the drainages are linked along the western divide.  For hikers, many of the loops are longer than they may want to travel in a single day. There are several shorter options between the Cow Creek and Mahoney Gulch trails. Out-and-back hikes are also a great options on both the Greenhorn and Imperial Gulch trails.

The motorcycle community was instrumental in the development of the Greenhorn trail system; including funding trails construction that now allows improved connectivity to the Deer Creek and Warm Springs Creek trail networks. Funds generated from the sale of annual idaho motor-bike license stickers paid for a lot of motorized specific trail development in the late 1970s and early 1980s. All of the trails in Greenhorn Gulch are multi-use and open to all. Please respect each other and share the trails with a smile, just like our local motorcycle riders do.

From Ketchum, head south on Highway 75, or the paved Wood River Trail, for 5.5 miles to the Greenhorn/East Fork Road at the stoplight. Head right/west for 3.7 miles to the end of the Greenhorn Road at the FS Greenhorn Trailhead.

From Hailey, head north on the highway or the path. Its 5.5 miles to the Greenhorn/East Fork Road at the stoplight. Head left/west for 3.7 miles to the end of the Greenhorn Road at the FS Greenhorn Trailhead.

The Cow Crk. Connector Trail departs the trailhead at the west end of the parking lot - near the cul-de-sac at the far end of the trailhead road. The trail quickly gains a hill providing a good overlook of the area. Climb one, two, or more of the turns for a short, but nice out-and-back hike from the parking lot. Go all the way up to the footbridge to reach a nice destination at burbling Cow Creek. The flowers along this trail are often outstanding in the springtime.

For more detailed descriptions, topo maps, and information on the history, geology, and wildflowers of the Wood River Valley pick up a copy of Exploring Sun Valley online or find it at one of several local shops.