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Ketchum Bike Park
Details (9/30/2020)
Status: Open
Difficulty: Intermediate
Use: Mt Biking
Length: 0 miles
Start: 5,804'
End: 5,805'
Min: 5,796'
Max: 5,805'
Gain: 16'
Loss: -15'
Elevation Profile
// track pieces: 49, // elevation pieces: 49
Trailhead Forecast (9/30/2020)
Description / Access Information
Pump Tracks are one of the newer amenities in recreation and the Ketchum Bike Park is near Hemingway Elementary School. The track is a great place for kids and adults to play, work on biking skills, or get a workout. Lovely views of Bald Mountain.

The Ketchum Pump Track is managed by Ketchum Parks & recreation and was made possible by a huge host of volunteers and sponsors including Scott USA, which used to headquartered in the Sun Valley area. 

A full list of Pump Track rules is highlighted at the park's entrance so please enjoy the Track but adhere to these important rules for usage.

What is a Pump Track?

  • Dirt track with rollers and berms
  • Ride with or without pedaling by “pumping” for momentum with track contours
  • Mountain or BMX bike usage
  • Ideal for building bike handling skills
  • Built in its environment utilizing organic materials and existing land
  • No user fee required
Benefits of a Pump Track

  • Healthy, physical activity
  • Great, low risk environment for cyclists of all ages and skill levels
  • Affordable and accessible location
  • Close to public biking trails like the BCRD Wood River Trail
  • A community effort: supported by donors, Wood River Bicycle Coalition, Smith, Scott USA
  • Sustainable:  little environmental impact, builds physical health, and easily maintained and supported