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River Run Trail #330
Details (5/25/2024)
Status: Open
Difficulty: Intermediate
Uses: Mt Biking & Hiking
Length: 3.17 miles
Start: 6,672'
End: 5,764'
Min: 5,764'
Max: 6,673'
Gain: 1,494'
Loss: -2,402'
Elevation Profile
// track pieces: 2254, // elevation pieces: 2254
Trailhead Forecast (5/25/2024)
Description / Access Information
River Run Trail #330: In the early spring, before the lifts on Baldy start spinning, the River Run Trail is open to two-way traffic, and it is open to both bicyclists and those on foot. This designation changes during each summer season, when the Sun Valley Resort opens lift-serviced access to the trails on Bald Mountain. When the lifts are in operation the River Run Trail becomes a downhill-only, biking-only trail. When the lifts are closed at the end of each day, the River Run Trail is again open to two-way bicycle and foot traffic.

During the summer, the Sun Valley Resort typically operates their lifts on Bald Mountain from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, but check with the resort by calling the River Run Lift Ticket Office at (208) 622-6136.

People should keep in mind that the lifts may be closed at any time if thunderstorms or other emergency situations arise. Contact the resort for specifics about riding the lifts and always be prepared for changes in the weather when you are in the mountains.

The River Run Trail utilizes 15 switchbacks as it climbs from the River Run base area through the forested slopes above the lodge. After 3 miles the trail connects with a service-road/Traverse Trail and the French Connection Cat-track Trail (also a service-road). Riders and hikers can continue up the Traverse Trail portion to pass through the Frenchmen's ski area of the mountain before reaching the high point of the traverse at the base of the Flying Squirrel ski run. The Traverse Trail descends from this high point to meet up with the Warm Springs Trail and options for climbing, or descending on same. Descenders drop to the Sun Valley Company's Warm Springs Base Area. From the base area one can pedal out to Warm Springs Road to head back into Ketchum and to the River Run Base Area to complete the loop.

You can pedal or walk or run to the River Run Trail. To do so, use the paved Wood River Trail. Take the WRT to the Sun Valley Resort's River Run Base Area to find the start of the trail. After crossing the bridge over the Big Wood River go through the courtyard area between the large log and rock buildings that make up the lodge and rental/retail areas of the River Run area. Head toward the kiosk and down the little ramp to a paved sidewalk. Bear right onto a gravel service road that passes by some small dirt jumps that are fun to play on. Near the jumps is the start/low end of the River Run Trail. Look for it on the left/uphill side of the gravel service road. (Note: The start/low end of the Bald Mountain Trail is nearby to the start of the River Run Trail. If you get to the kiosk that describes the Bald Mountain Trail, look behind you for the start of the River Run Trail.)

Driving to the Trailhead? If you are in Ketchum you can follow Sun Valley Road west through Ketchum. When the road swings left/south stay on it and follow it down to the Sun Valley River Run Base Area. Park in one of the large parking lots and then head toward the river to cross a large metal footbridge over the Big Wood River. See the notes above for more details about where the start of the trail can be found.

If you are driving to the trailhead from points south, follow Hwy 75 to Ketchum and hang a left into the Serenade Lane entrance to the Sun Valley Resort's River Run Base Area. See the first paragraph of this "directions" section for further details as to where to go once you walk or ride over from one of the nearby parking lots to the River Run Base Area/Lodge Area.

For more detailed descriptions, topo maps, and information on the history, geology, and wildflowers of the Wood River Valley pick up a copy of Exploring Sun Valley online or find it at one of several local shops.