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Volunteer Trail Work Events

Links to info on upcoming events:

The Wood River Trails Coalition is hosting volunteer work events throughout the summer. One is coming up soon. Visit the WRTC's Volunteer Events Page for details.

The Pulaski User Group (PUG) hosts a lot of trail maintenance volunteer work events in the region.

Sawtooth Society volunteers do great work.

Check out the Idaho Trails Association; another group doing amazing work out on the trails.

Organizations organizing trail work opportunities
The Wood River Trails Coalition leads volunteer trail work events in the Wood River Valley. Sawtooth Society volunteers help maintain trails in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Pulaski User Group also works on the maintenance of area trails, especially in the SNRA, but also in the Wood River Valley. The Idaho Trails Association leads volunteers on projects that often involve longer stays in various regions of Idaho. Information about volunteering with these groups follows:

The WRTC is focused on trail maintenance. They get work accomplished and they raise money to help fund local professional trail-crew staffing. Their next volunteer event is right around the corner, so check the link below to see how you can get involved:
WRTC Volunteer Info Page

You can also get information about volunteering with the WRTC by emailing the WRTC Field Operations Supervisor, Carith Kamermans at: ckamermans@woodrivertrailscoalition.org

The Idaho Trails Association takes on significant projects throughout Idaho, traveling to various ranger districts in the state to provide volunteer assistance to the maintenance of non-motorized trails there.

The Sawtooth Society's mission is to preserve, protect, and enhance the special qualities of the SNRA. Part of that mission is served by organizing volunteer trail work efforts; which have proven to be an important part of the SNRA's efforts to keep the trails maintained.

For information on the Sawtooth Society's trail volunteer program click on the following link: Sawtooth Society Volunteer Pages

PUG stands for Pulaski User Group. They get important manual labor and handwork done on the SNRA's trails. Here is a link to their web site:

Volunteering - What to bring:
When coming to a volunteer event, consider wearing long sleeves and long pants. They will help you from getting scratched-up and bug bitten. Bring a pair of work gloves. No open toed shoes - wear heavy duty shoes or boots to help protect your feet from the tools being used. Wear eye protection, sunscreen, and bring some bug repellent along. Carry drinking water and a snack that you can eat if you need a bit of energy. No pets please. Sharp tools will be swung (safely). Playful pooches, and that type of work, don't mix well. If the work will be several miles in from the trailhead, find out if the volunteers will be riding in to the work site, with the tools packed in and out by the organizers. If riding bikes in and out, consider using flat pedals. Clip-in shoes aren't great for doing trail work.

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