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Panther Gulch Tr. #931
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Status: Closed
Difficulty: Expert
Uses: Mt Biking & Hiking & Equestrian & Motorcycle
Length: 1.5 miles
Start: 7,650'
End: 7,329'
Min: 7,231'
Max: 7,750'
Gain: 495'
Loss: -816'
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Trail Info
Deer Creek Road is closed to four-wheeled vehicles west of its intersection with Wolftone Road. The Ketchum Ranger District Road and Bridge Crew is at work on road repairs in the drainage, and the KRD Trail Crew has been busy on trail repairs. Proceed with caution and watch for obstacles. Watch for crews at work.
Trailhead Forecast
Description / Access Information
Panther Gulch Tr. #931: A very steep and rugged ridge line trail that is used mainly by motorcyclists and hunters. Some die-hard mountain bikers and runners utilize the trail as part of an incredibly demanding 12.5 mile loop with Howard's Tr.

The #931 Trail follows the spine of a ridge. In places the trail is a rock strewn path that is difficult to negotiate, at other times the trail is a pretty nice singletrack, only to lead you to an impossibly steep section that has you questioning your choice of routes. Besides lots of loose rock the trail features a couple of spiny rock bands that will challenge hoof, tire, and foot.

The trail hasn't seen maintenance in ages, perhaps partly because it is just so unsustainable. Why try? But, it has its virtues. It offers solitude and some great views into the distant Pioneer Mountain Range.

The trail hasn't been improved, but a bunch of old mining roads are found in the more southern end of this short trail. The FS Road #100 comes up the Panther Gulch drainage, branching off of the main Deer Creek Road. This road leads up to the south end of the trail. The road, like the trail, is real steep. In some areas the road has been paved to help hold short vulnerable sections in place.

Some will approach the trail by climbing up the FS #100 Road, others will approach it from its higher end, off of Howard's Trail. From its low end the trail involves super steep climbing and short steep, technical decents. From its high end the trail involves short, super steep climbing and long super steep, technical descents.

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