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Barr Gulch Trail #168
// track pieces: 353, // elevation pieces: 353
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Status: Partial
Difficulty: Advanced
Uses: Mt Biking & Hiking & Equestrian & Motorcycle & eBikes
Length: 3.89 miles
Start: 7,034'
End: 9,078'
Min: 7,034'
Max: 9,078'
Gain: 2,234'
Loss: -190'
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Description / Access Information
Barr Gulch Trail #168: Very rugged one-mile road (FS Road 019) up to start of trail. Trail itself is steep and rock strewn in places with ditch-like sections interspersed with a few short sections of nice singletrack. 

On its low end, this trail starts out as a single track, then it gives way to an old road-cut, that once again gives way to singletrack trail. This trail provides a very direct route to the Osberg Ridgeline Trail. Some sections go right up hillside and have become worn and incised (deeply V-shaped). Those on bicycles or ebikes will have difficult keeping there pedals turning when climbing, and descending riders will also need to be careful to avoid pedal-strikes.

Rugged trail through gorgeous country. 

The Barr Gulch Trail has a seasonal designation for motorcycle and e-bike use and is open to those uses from May 1 through August 29 of each year.

Directions: From downtown Ketchum, bear left onto Warm Springs Road and follow it to the end of the pavement (4.8 mi). Stay on the main dirt road to FS Road 019. (Note: You will travel on gravel for 10 miles, then you will arrive at the signed FS Road 019, on the right - 14.8 mi from downtown Ketchum). Turn right up this road. The road soon degrades to a very rough two-track road. Many people choose to park just 0.3 miles up the road, where there is plenty of room to turn around and park several vehicles. Driving higher requires high clearance, four-wheel-drive, and the good driving skills. The road is 1 miles long, ending at a small turn around area and the start of the signed Barr Gulch Trail #168.

The only water on the trail is at the low end. When climbing, the trail crosses the creek twice within the first half mile, then the route is dry of any significant water sources.

*For more detailed descriptions, topo maps, and information on the history, geology, and wildflowers of the Wood River Valley pick up a copy of Exploring Sun Valley online or find it at one of several local shops.

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