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Easley Hot Springs Tr. #148 (A.K.A. Curly's)
// track pieces: 166, // elevation pieces: 166
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Status: Closed
Difficulty: Advanced
Uses: Mt Biking & Hiking & Equestrian
Length: 3.1 miles
Start: 6,631'
End: 8,148'
Min: 6,631'
Max: 8,148'
Gain: 1,644'
Loss: -126'
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Description / Access Information
Easley Hot Springs Trail #148: Well known for its steep pitch and as a fun, high-speed descent for mountain bikers. Not often busy, but used by other trail users too, of course, so everyone needs to share the trail and consider that they may come upon traffic.

This trail's official USFS name is Easley Gulch Trail #148, but it is often referred to as the Easley Hot Springs Trail or Curly's. People who prefer to use the Easley Hot Springs name are highlighting the fact that the trail is in close proximity to the hot springs concession that is  near the bottom of the trail. It is in the next drainage to the south.

The Curly's nickname is after longtime local Scott Curtis who owns a cabin at the base of the trail. Back in the day, the trail had an earlier nickname that was popular for a time. It was known then as "The Plunge." No matter what you call it, the trail is famous for its steep pitch and fun character. These things help make it so popular as a mountain bike descent.

Directions: Head north on Highway 75 to Baker Creek Road #162 (15.4 mi). Park at the Baker Creek parking area on the east side of the highway. Ride out Baker Creek Road approximately 3 miles and turn left onto the East Fork Baker Creek Road #168. After climbing for some miles you will come to an intersection. Bear left and downhill to stay on the main road. Then, after some more climbing, turn right and uphill to stay on the main road at the second intersection. After the second intersection the climbing gets steeper for a bit. You'll climb through a steep switchback, then a less-steep one, before a long moderately difficult traverse. On the more open two-track road traverse you will be able to see the high point of your route up to your left. The high point makes a good spot to re-group and take in the view under the shade of the large evergreen found there. Then you will cruise around the nose of the landform, heading slightly downhill and around a corner a short distance. Soon you come to the start of the signed singletrack trail on your left. This is the beginning of the Easley Gulch Trail #148. Turn onto it and enjoy the meandering single track trail that eventually turns into a steep descent.

*For more detailed descriptions, topo maps, and information on the history, geology, and wildflowers of the Wood River Valley pick up a copy of Exploring Sun Valley online or find it at one of several local shops.


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