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Pearl's Trail
// track pieces: 59, // elevation pieces: 59
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Status: Partial
Difficulty: Intermediate
Uses: Mt Biking & Hiking & Equestrian
Length: 0.72 miles
Start: 7,612'
End: 7,622'
Min: 7,568'
Max: 7,622'
Gain: 99'
Loss: -89'
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Trail Info
Galena Lodge reopens for the winter season on November 17. Enjoy the trails!
Trailhead Forecast
Current Conditions
Temperature at 11:00AM (Dec 11th): 34.9° F
Min temperature in last 24-hours: 25.2° F
Max temperature in last 24-hours: 37.0° F
New Snow last 12 hours: 0". New Snow last 24 hours: 0".
Description / Access Information
Pearl's Trail:
Built in summer of 2015, Pearl's Trail adds a short intermediate loop off the Grinder Trail. Its only about a 3/4 of a mile long and is popular as an "add-on" by people looking to extend their outing.
A little herstory:
In 1905 President Theodore Roosevelt signed the Sawtooth National Forest into existence. While silver no longer lured prospectors, other natural resources slowly began attracting visitors to the "Switzerland of America". In the early 1900's the Galena Store served as the most distant of the Wood River Valley's hunter and fisherman outposts.

From 1924 to 1960 the Galena Store was operated by Charles & Pearl Barber. When asked how she came to live in such a place, Pearl answered in two words, "Good fishing!"

In 1936, the development of the Sun Valley Resort brought some of the first skiers to the valley, and soon, Galena was hosting skiers too. The Barbers erected a rope tow, powered with an old Ford Engine, on a hillside south of the store.

In 1941 Charles suffered a stroke and died three years later, leaving Pearl to operate the Galena Store on her own. She did so until 1960.

Pearl's Trail is named in honor of a strong women who followed the allure of the mountains, contentedly landing at Galena. One of many resourceful females who have found a home and happiness at Galena, all helping to make it the treasure that it remains today.

Getting to Pearl's Trail from the lodge:
Take Lodge Loop Trail north. It starts near the north/far end of the parking lot, next to the kiosk. At the first intersection you have a choice. You can take the right fork to stay on the eastern side of Gladiator - to take the east side of the Gladiator Loop Trail toward the Outhouse Trail, or you can turn left and utilize the west side of the Gladiator loop to get to the Outhouse Trail, and beyond to Pearl's. This description describes the later.

At the first intersection where Lodge Loop goes left, and Gladiator goes right, go left to continue on Lodge Loop for a little longer. The trail soon drops down to cross the two-track that you have been paralleling. Then the route gets on the two-track very briefly, just to cross Gladiator Creek. Immediately look for the trail continuing on the east side of the creek and turn left off the road to gain it again. You will quickly arrive at anther intersection where Lodge Loop goes left and west side section of Gladiator is gained. Turn right onto the Gladiator Loop Trail. In about a quarter mile or so turn left to climb up the western side of Outhouse Loop Trail. Watch for others who may be descending on Outhouse. At the top of Outhouse take a left onto the trail that is signed with an arrow that points you toward the Psycho and the Grinder trails. At this intersection, Outhouse Loop Trail continues on to the right. Soon, at the next intersection, stay right toward The Grinder where Psycho Trail goes left. At the following intersection stay straight/right onto a section of The Grinder Trail. (The Grinder goes left and straight/right at this intesection. Pearl's Trail is just a few steps or pedal strokes away. You can go left at the first intersection with Pearl's, or continue a little further along The Grinder Trail to take the second left onto Pearl's. The former takes you clockwise, the later..., well, you get it. Both ways are fun.

After doing Pearl's once or twice you can take all sorts of options to get back to the lodge, or you can keep going, and get further afield. A couple of popular returns to the lodge involve taking either the Psycho Ridge Trail back, or using the portion of the Grinder that heads south from the area that Pearl's Trail is in.

People also ride to Pearl's, then return toward the lodge using some of trails on the opposite side of Highway 75. To return to the lodge from Pearl's by utilizing westside trails, take the Grinder South, then take a right at the intersection for Crosscut, which will lead you to a crossing of the highway low in the Horsecreek drainage. After crossing the highway follow Crosscut to The Old Toll Road Trail. From the Old Toll Road drop down to Northwood Trail and the most direct path back on the west side of the Big Wood. Other options for a return to the lodge are available on the west side of things as well. Consult you map and stop at the well signed intersections along the way to keep yourself on your desired track.
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