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Rip and Tear
// track pieces: 250, // elevation pieces: 250
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Status: Open
Difficulty: Intermediate
Uses: Mt Biking & Hiking & Equestrian
Length: 2.2 miles
Start: 7,532'
End: 7,353'
Min: 7,353'
Max: 7,713'
Gain: 355'
Loss: -534'
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Trail Info
The trails at Galena are open.
Trailhead Forecast
Current Conditions
Temperature at 6:00PM (Aug 19th): 61° F
Min temperature in last 24-hours: 46° F
Max temperature in last 24-hours: 74° F
New Snow last 12 hours: 0". New Snow last 24 hours: 0".
Description / Access Information
Rip and Tear Trail:
Rip and Tear is 2 miles long. As a loop from the lodge its about 3.5 miles around. Most bike riders approach it in a clockwise direction, but you can climb up the other way, if you want to. Keep in mind that some people riding this on mountain bikes may not consider that someone might be "going against the grain," so to speak, so keep a keen eye out for people coming downhill fast. Everyone - keep an eye out for others approaching from the other direction, on all trails, always. You never know. Play it safe.

This ripping good time rolls off of the Gladiator Loop Trail to ascend toward the yurts found on the terrain that is east and up from the lodge. It then reconnects to the lodge by coming down the ridge that is north of Senate Meadows. The rollercoaster is in the middle.

Directions for traveling clockwise, using Rip and Tear as part of a loop:
At the far/north end of the lodge parking lot take the Lodge Loop Trail north. The Lodge Loop Trail starts near the kiosk that is near the north end of the parking lot. After about a quarter of a mile on Lodge Loop Trail, bear right onto the Gladiator Loop Trail. Follow Gladiator as it rolls up and down and climbs up to meet Rip and Tear Trail in another 0.7 miles. Turn right to follow Rip and Tear. It climbs for a little over a half-mile to its highpoint. The climb is demanding at times, but only for short bursts. A fun challenge and a great route.

Once you crest over the top you will find the alignment begins to swoop through the trees as the  trail grasp's the landscape in an undulating fashion. It's a wild ride, so watch out for others and play nice. After the fun comes more payment, as the trail again climbs to reach an area where the lodge has several yurts used for overnight stays.

The area through the yurts is easy terrain. At crossings, watch out for gnomes and stray loner-dogs. Soon you will emerge into a sunny, grassy hillside above Senate Meadows. Descending again, the trail bee-lines it and then throws in some tricky off-camber turns near the bottom. At the very bottom of the trail take a right onto the Galena View Loop Trail and in a very short distance it will shoot you out onto the road that passes around the backside of the lodge. Sunny deck ahead!

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