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Forbidden Fruit Trail #159
// track pieces: 151, // elevation pieces: 151
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Status: Closed
Difficulty: Advanced
Use: Mt Biking
Length: 1.05 miles
Start: 6,606'
End: 6,393'
Min: 6,392'
Max: 6,756'
Gain: 262'
Loss: -475'
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Trail Info
A loop can be formed from the Adams Gulch TH using Sunnyside, the Pork Chop section of Adams Rib, Harper's, and the Adams-Lake Creek Connector trails.
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Description / Access Information

Forbidden Fruit Trail #159: An advanced level, one-way, mountain bike-only trail with jumps and berm-turns. Roll it first to check out the alignment and jumps, and to make sure no trees have come down recently.

Wood River Trails Coalition - Thank you for helping to get this trail built, for adopting it, and for its maintenance over the years!

A one-way, mountain bike-only flow-trail on the Ketchum Ranger District. This trail starts near the bottom end of Eve's Gulch. A quick extra 300 ft. of climbing puts you at the top of the 'flow' portion of the trail. It features a few bermed turns and table-top jumps and multiple roller-sections that allow you to test your appetite for air! Areas of the trail may contain loose gravel or downed trees that have come onto the trail since its last round of maintenance, so roll down the trail to inspect its condition and to know what to expect on your next lap.

The Forbidden Fruit Trail was proposed in 2010 and built in 2011 as a result of collaboration between the Ketchum Ranger District and the Wood River Bicycle Coalition (the group has since changed its name to the Wood River Trails Coalition). Renee Catherine of the Ketchum Ranger District was instrumental in getting this project off the ground and going. The project was largely funded by a recreational grant from the USFS and the fundraising efforts of the Wood River Trails Coalition. This trail is an example of the benefits brought through collaborative efforts between trail advocacy groups and Federal land management agencies. It demonstrates just how effectively a project can be conceptualized, planned for, designed, built, and maintained for the the needs of its intended users.

Because of Adams Gulch's proximity to Ketchum, its concentrated network of excellent trails, and multiple access points, this area is easily the most popular hiking and biking destination in the valley. Keep that in mind when you are accessing, and especially egressing, the Forbidden Fruit Trail, and other trails in the drainage. The drainage is popular, so remember to slow down on the way out and watch for others. Slow down and say hi and help keep everyone's experience a good one. Thanks!

The Old Adams Gulch Road Trail/Eve Gulch Trail #146 is open to motorcycles and e-bikes from May 1 through Nov 30 of each year. All of the other trails in Adams Gulch, including Forbidden Fruit, are designated as non-motorized.

*For more detailed descriptions, topo maps, and information on the history, geology, and wildflowers of the Wood River Valley pick up a copy of Exploring Sun Valley online or find it at one of several local shops.

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Forbidden Fruit Tabletop feature
Flowing on Forbidden Fruit
'Follow the Leader' on Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden Fruit - tacky fall run!
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