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Oregon-Fox Connector Trail #311
// track pieces: 1155, // elevation pieces: 1155
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Status: Partial
Difficulty: Advanced
Uses: Mt Biking & Hiking & Equestrian
Length: 3.6 miles
Start: 6,744'
End: 6,390'
Min: 6,390'
Max: 7,597'
Gain: 1,109'
Loss: -1,469'
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Trailhead Forecast
New Snow last 12 hours: 0.34". New Snow last 24 hours: 0.8".
Description / Access Information
Oregon-Fox Connector Tr. No. 311: The trail makes a connection between the Oregon Gulch Trail and the Chocolate Gulch Trail. On the Chocolate Gulch side the trail comes close to Fox Creek, so that is likely the logic behind the name of the trail including reference to that drainage.

Many mountain bikers enjoy using this trail as part of a loop utilizing the Oregon Gulch Trail, Oregon-Fox Connector Trail, Chocolate Gulch Trail, and Saddle Trail. The Oregon Gulch Trailhead makes a good starting point for the loop.

In 2017 the Ketchum Ranger District reconstructed portions of the southeastern side of the trail, which had been impacted by the 2103 Beaver Creek Fire. Three segments of the trail were repositioned into more sustainable alignments, while striving to keep the character of the trail as a very challenging trail to climb up. Regardless of the direction of travel, the trail will test the metal of strong mountain bikers.

The trail includes stunning views of the Boulder Mountains soaring above the meadows and aspen groves of the Phantom Hill region of the Big Wood River Valley. Additionally, the wildflowers in the springtime and early summer can be breathtakingly beautiful along portions of this trail.

As always, go prepared and ready for changes in the weather. The trail travels through areas that burned in recent fires and trees are coming down all the time, especially during storms or periods of high winds. Plan accordingly. Carry plenty of water or carry your preferred means of purification. Bring more food than you think you will want.

While descending watch for others and yield to climbers or horseback riders and hikers. Share it, don't scare it.

Good riders don't skid, they apply their brakes deftly and with a lot of practice they have learned how to dump speed without ripping up the trails. Learn to do likewise. 

Directions to the south end of the trail: Travel north of Ketchum for about 6 miles to the Fox Creek Trailhead. Its on the left, at FS Road 020. Follow the road in a short distance to the trailhead. Travel slowly on the gravel road please, to help reduce dust to the neighbors. From the Fox Creek Trailhead, cross the metal footbridge over the Big Wood River and bear left toward the Fox Creek Trail #149. Follow the Fox Creek Trail west for about a mile to turn right onto the Chocolate Gulch Trail #312. Head up the Chocolate Gulch Trail for approx. 0.3 miles to an intersection with the southeast terminus of the Oregon-Fox Connector Tr #311.

Directions to the north end of the trail: Head north from Ketchum and travel approximately 7.5 miles to the North Fork Store trailer park on the left/west side of the highway. The road into the Oregon Gulch Trailhead is just past the entrance road into the trailer park. Turn left onto the unsigned Oregon Gulch Road and follow it as it passes to the north of the trailer park and into the trailhead facilities. There is a vault toilet and a hitching post for stock users at the trailhead. The parking is rather haphazard, but please do not park in front of the hitching post, as doing so makes it unavailable for use. From the trailhead, follow the Oregon Gulch Trail west for 3.1 miles to its intersection with the northwest end of the Oregon-Fox Connector Trail #311.

*For more detailed descriptions, topo maps, and information on the history, geology, and wildflowers of the Wood River Valley pick up a copy of Exploring Sun Valley online or find it at one of several local shops.
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